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2013: Development Ethics: Questions,
Challenges and Responsibilities


Under the guidance of distinguished scholars, NEH Summer Institutes provide intensive collaborative study of texts, topics, and ideas central to undergraduate teaching in the humanities.  NEH Summer Institutes aim to prepare NEH Summer Scholars to return to their classrooms with a deeper knowledge of current scholarship in key fields of the humanities. “Development Ethics: Questions, Challenges and Responsibilities,” concerns new directions in development ethics, a young sub-field of ethics and social and political philosophy that has grown to maturity over the past thirty years, as philosophers have noted evident weaknesses in global aid and development efforts of the mid and late 20th century.

Co-directors Fred Gifford (Michigan State University) and Eric Palmer (Allegheny College) will gather twenty-five U.S. faculty members at Michigan State University to review the first generation of scholarship and frame the discussion for the next generation. They will work with the guidance of eight visiting speakers, and four more experts resident at Michigan State University.

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