Daily Schedule

version 15 June 2015

The Calendar is available for subscription on your computing devices.

A June 21 version is available here. Bear in mind that it might be out of date; we will try to post updated versions regularly, but check the updating calendar further above for most current information (perhaps ask someone with access to confirm for you, if you cannot do so yourself).

Yes, there is also an Institute hashtag, #nehethics at which events and information may be posted, and Eric has a Twitter identity, if you care.

The Institute takes place Monday June 22 to Friday July 17, 2015. First week runs Mon-Fri and begins 9AM; Second Mon-Thurs; Third Tues-Fri; Fourth Mon-Fri.

For the general order of lectures and readings, see “Lectures and Readings” tab on this website.

For other information on housing, etc., see “Information for Summer Scholars” tab.